About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Coffee

Beany Boy is a harmonious combination of 100% premium instant coffee powder and delightful flavours. 

Sourced from some of the best coffee estates in Southern India, mixed with flavours derived from natural ingredients. We ensure that the coffee which reaches our customers is 100% pure and rich, without any gimmicks.

Our Company

We are an independent business with a small team, all set to challenge some of the world’s biggest coffee corporations. When you buy a packet of Beany Boy our instant flavoured coffee, we assure you that you are in for a tasty treat.

Whether you’re having a writer’s block or trying to get your head in the game for a key meeting,  or just feeling low, we’ve got you covered. Kickstart your day with a cup of Beany Boy to make those creative juices flow. With a wide range of tasty flavours available, Beany Boy adds a zing to your monotonous life with just a cup of instant coffee.

Our products can be used to make hot lattes, cold frappes or just a cup of simple black coffee. So it’s time to say goodbye to your plain old boring cup of coffee and indulge in the world of flavoured instant coffee, infused with rich flavours from the products we love.

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